SCRIVENER 3 ISSUE: Vowels with accent (italian) corrupt in ePub


First of all, congratulations for the new version 3 of Scrivener. It’s amazing. :smiley:
I am an old user of Scrivener2 and I have tried to compile a document of mine in ePub format with V3.
Since I am Italian,I have to use accented vowels.
Unfortunately the compilation of the text ruins all the accented vowels and it replaces them with strange characters (see the images). I have tried the preview both with iBooks and with Kindle Peviewer and the result is the same. I also have tried to compile in i Pub2: same thing, corrupt vowels. :confused:

Thanks a lot


I’ve just tested this with your words and the default Epub 3 > Ebook compile format (no customisation at all) and I get this:

Screenshot 2017-12-20 13.36.45.png

So it should just work out of the box.

Have you made any changes to the format at all?

Hi Brookter,
thanks for your fast reply.
I have not made changes to the format.
I have of course an italian keybord for my iMac, with accented vowels.

I don’t know how fix this issue.
Thanks a Lot,


Does it work if you try a different font?

Were the words typed in Scrivener? Or in another program and then copied to Scrivener?

Does the problem happen with all projects or one specific project?

Could you share a sample project with the problem?

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this, either - accented characters work fine for me. If you could send us a sample project showing the issue, that would be very helpful.
Thanks and all the best,

Hi,and thanks for your reply

the words are typed in Scrivener, not copied. I’ve tried with a different font: same result. Changing with another project, the accented vowels remain corrupted.

I’d like to attach below an example project and the ePub3 compiled, but selecting files in the window they appear “ghost” and I can’t :confused: :

Hi Kate,
how can I attach a *.scriv file here?

Behind the scenes a ‘scriv’ file is actually a folder with a lot of files which won’t load into the forum — so you’ll need to zip it up first.

Close the project, then go to it in the finder (you can find the location from File > Show Project in Finder before you close it).

Right-click on it in the Finder and choose 'Compress ’ which will turn it into a zip file.

Then click on Attachments below and Add Files and navigate to and select the zipped project. When it’s uploaded, click on Place Inline to add it to the text.


Thanks a lot Brookter! (441 KB)

Thanks for uploading the project.

I’ve compiled it (making no changes) and this is what I get (on Scrivener V3.0.1 and High Sierra 10.3.2 on a UK iMac):

As you can see: it produces the accents perfectly.

I’m not sure what to suggest now (but I’m only a user) — hopefully the support team will be able to help now you’ve provided the project.

I think the best thing for you to do now is to send the zipped project to the support group at pointing them to this thread.

Good luck…

Like brookter, the file compiles (to all four ebook formats) for me without losing the accents.

Attached is a zip with the compiled ePub. It looks fine on my MacBook Pro in iBooks.

I changed the language used in Scrivener to Italian as an extra test, and the file compiled perfectly.

If you compile to a different format, such as PDF or Word, are the characters right or wrong? (3.38 KB)

Thanks a lot, Bookter

Thanks Bridey,
your e-Pub file is correctly visualized in iBooks but not in Kindle Previewer that converts the ePub in MOBI format (see the image).
I don’t know what to think.
It seems a problem of ENCODING but when I compile a similar text with Scrivener2 choosing the E-book format, the accented vowels are perfectly visualized both with iBooks and with Kindle Previewer.
At the same time through other TEXT APP that export in iPub3 format: converting in Kindle Previewer, the accented vowels are all correct.
It is an issue that I have noticed only with Scrivener 3 so far.

Meanwhile, Happy Christmas to all. :slight_smile:

Not sure what to suggest as when I open the ePub in Kindle for Mac, the accents are fine (see below). The same is true when I compile the sample project to Kindle KF8 – all of the accents are as they should be. I have attached a KF8 eBook. Does it work okay for you in the Previewer?

Have a good Xmas. (6.64 KB)

Hi Bridey, Happy Christmas! :slight_smile:
Your MOBI file works fine with both Kindle Previewer and Kindle for Mac. The accented vowels are well displayed.

I’ve downloaded and installed KINDLEGEN from Amazon and I compiled my example file in Kindle KF8 format.
Great! The vowels with accent are now correct!
I solved my problem.
Thanks a Lot! :smiley:

Good news!

Have a great day.