Scrivener 3 + macbook air + external display not working?

I’m a long time lover of Scrivener and have just updated my old macbook air (2013) to a newer one (2017), but now when I plug it into my external display (work PC display - HP E231) I’m only seeing the Scrivener tool bar and then the Mojave desert image…
If I open Chrome that works, so it’s not the mirror display, but Scrivener.
Any ideas of buttons or settings I can alter?

My alternative is to just suck it up and use the 13" screen, which is fine, but I have a lovely 23" backlit monitor…

Thanks in advance,


Me again.

Ignore my post - I’m an idiot and had entirely ignored the fact that macs allow you to have multiple screens.

Yes, I’d set it up so my main display was the built in one and not the external…

Yes, I’m an idiot.

On the bright side, Scrivener does look lovely on a 23" backlit screen!

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