Scrivener 3 Manuscript of earlier Scrivener 2 Novel project has no text while text files have text

I am writing a Novel in Parts which I began in Scrivener 2. Under Manuscript the Novel is organised in Parts-folders and each Part contains Chapter-folders. My scenes are text documents under each Chapter-folder.

I used to write in Manuscript view while using the rest of the break up to refer to specific Chapters/Scenes whenever needed. I have tons of files under Research.

After updating to Scrivener 3 the Manuscript (which appears as" Manuscript" and not “Draft” owing to -i suppose - the original Template of my project) does not show the full text, it shows no text at all. This drives me crazy. Imagine Searching the project for a name or a place and the Search returns a list of tens of documents! Also, not having the total word count always visible. There are of course many more reasons to have the full text available. Can you help?

Could you show some screen dumps, so it’s possible to understand what you mean?

Or is it possible that you only have single document mode activated, thus not showing text in sub-documents? Click once more on the icon for showing the Editor (the three grouped icons for Editor, Outline and Cardboard). Clicking on the Editor icon toggles between single-document and multi-document view.

The current word count of the text you have selected is visible at the footer of the Editor.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users, here: … date-guide

I’d also recommend a look at the Scrivener 3 Tutorial project, available from the Help menu.

The most likely cause of what you’re seeing is that the display settings didn’t carry over when the project was converted from Scrivener 2.


Thank you both repliers.
In the meanwhile I engineered a solution. I imported the project from my MAC into Scrivener 3 and retrieved it from the Trash (why does it go into the trash? )… At this point BINGO the Manuscript woke up with the whole Novel text in it.

Katherine, you are probably right that the display settings did not carry over when the Project was converted from Scrivener 2. So maybe there is a bug in the software for the Template “Novel with Parts”?. The question of “Why and what to do about it” may occur to some other users. I don’t know if there are other easier solutions (settings?) but if there is a bug please look into it. I shudder at the prospect of fixing all my other Projects that I have not yet converted. By the time I check that everything is in order (years of research files including) I loose hours of precious writing time.

Do you think I should re-download Scrivener 3? If so how? Sorry I am not a tech genius, just a writer in love with Scrivener and like all lovers do, I hold a few grudges against it now and then.

It’s not a bug. It’s a known side effect because the project settings are not compatible across versions.

There’s no need to either re-install Scrivener or re-convert your project. Simply re-apply the appropriate settings as Lunk explained.

Then read the upgrade guide I linked.