Scrivener 3 Not responding on iMAC

I have been using Scrivener for some years. I have Ver 3.2.2 installed on an Intel i7, 27" iMAC (Mid 2010) with 32 G of RAM and four drives. I have never had a problem before, but suddenly I am getting a spinning ball and delays in typing and an ‘APP Not Responding’ message. I have checked CPU usage (2%) there is plenty of RAM and I have nothing else running in the background. I would appreciate any ideas before I shift everything to another App!

If I may ask:

A: How large is your project?
B: Are you attempting to load the project from an external drive or Dropbox?

Do you have Big Sur installed? If so, random freezes are a known issue.

Start by making sure you have the latest Mac OS update, then go here:


My iMAC is a mid 2010 version upgraded to 32 GB and faster SSD/HDD, but only compatible with High Sierra Ver 10.13.6. It will not update to Big Sur. It seems to be a recent problem, and with a new project. Previous projects where full length books of up to 30,000 words. This one has, so far about 8,000. It has become unworkable because of the delay in typing and the circling red ball, so I have converted the text to Word format and am proceeding with that. However, I have lost all the functionality of Scrivener and would like to find out what I can do to rectify the situation. Thanks to you all for your responses. Any further suggestions would be welcome.

If you only see the problem in one project, try resetting the display settings from that project, as explained here: … y-settings