Scrivener 3 Omissions

Hi Keith

I love the new Scrivener 3 and it came at just the right time—love the direct dialogue view mode.

Here are some features that are missing from the version:

  • Empty trash doesn’t work with right click on icon
  • I can’t right-click to hoist binder - used this feature frequently.

Will these appear in the next version?


Glad you’re liking it overall! I’m afraid that these were removed from the contextual menu to make way for other items, as I felt that they were not the sort of things that most users would use frequently. (I appreciate that some users will have used them frequently.) There’s limited room in the contextual menu. I recommend adding a keyboard shortcut for these commands if you use them so much, as a keyboard shortcut will be quicker than accessing the contextual menu anyway.

All the best,

I also used the context menu to empty the trash. Where do I add a keyboard shortcut? I can’t find anything to that effect in the Preference menu?

Okay just found it in the manual, it’s not in Scrivener, it’s in macOs. Jebus, That’s quite bit of being chased around.

Why not use Menu ▸ Project ▸ Empty trash…?

Gosh, I can’t tell you how infrequently I empty the trash in Scrivener! It is really quite an after-thought for me. One of those many things (like saving) that Scrivener lets me not worry about.

Creating the keyboard shortcut is much easier than writing AppleScript to do the same thing. I found that it works much faster to follow the meun stack. So I go back to a folder in the binder all the time and I followed the instructions in the user manual and set up a keyboar short cut(assume the folder name is “MyFolder”.
Application = “”
Name = “MyFolder”
Path to Folder = “Navigate->Go To->MyFolder”
Shortcut = Ctrl+Option+Command+M