Scrivener 3-Renaming Folders in Imported Project and Lock View Icon

Two problems:

Am using Scrivener 3 for Windows and have imported a project. Although I can rename documents, I’ve found no way to rename the folders they’re in. There used to be a rename option on the file menu in Scrivener 1, and it’s gone now. I’ve tried clicking the folder name at the top of the page I’m working on and nothing happens. I can retype the document name that way, but not the folder name. I’ve tried right-clicking on the folder and there’s no rename option on the popup menu there, either.


I’m going to be stuck creating a new folder every time I want to rename one and moving all its documents into the new folder if I ever want to rename that folder. Since I write fiction, I rename folders quite a lot.

2nd problem: The lock view icon. I loved this feature in Scrivener 1. Whenever I had a duel view open and I was working with both notes and text, all I had to so was hit the nice little icon of a lock to lock the view. However, in Scrivener 3, to lock a view, I have to either hit a sequence of three keys, or go to a menu and then a submenu and then hit the command, and what’s more, have to find where the command is hidden because it’s not obvious where it is on the menu.

I really preferred it in Scrivener 1 where all I had to do was 1-step thing, click on the picture of the lock. It was right there plain and stupid on the page where you needed it and you could figure out intuitively what it did. I’d really like to have the icon back. For Scrivener 3, I have to write down the blasted command set because though I use it, I don’t use it often enough to be able to remember what the key sequence is or where it’s buried on the menu. You’ve got enough empty space to add the icon back in at the top of the page.

I swear, what you need is a Scrivener Lean which you can set up with all the basic commands you use, and where you can shove all the menu options you never use out of the way so you’re not stuck hunting among them for what you want. For example, I don’t write academic papers, so I don’t need all the formatting options for them.

I hope you can add these improvements to an update of Scrivener 3.

Folder or file, either way, you can double-click on the name and change it.

For lock group view, on the Mac I’d create a shortcut in System Preferences or a macro in Keyboard Maestro, easy peasy. You should have something like that on Windows. One of these may do: