Scrivener 3 Shortcuts

Is there a list of Windows shortcuts for Scrivener 3 anywhere?

I’ve spent some time looking around the internet for a list for Scriv. 3, but can’t find one. I’m sure there must be one somewhere - can someone point me to it?




Appendix A, “Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts”, page 581 of the “Scrivener User Manual for Windows”.

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Brilliant! Thank you RMS. I worked through the Interactive Tutorial when Scrivener 3 came out, so looked back through that again. Didn’t think about searching through the user manual!

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even easier Help dropdown shows List of all shortcuts as option

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That’s perfect, GoalieDad, thank you!

Shortcuts in a nice, easy-to-print form.

I thought I was getting to grips with this program - seems I’ve still got lots more to learn! :slight_smile:

I actually made a scrivener learning program and put information I learn in there and over time you pick up lots of information stated in the way that makes sense for you.

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Sounds like a great idea!