Im working in a theatrical script format in Scrivener 3 spanish edition. Please, can anybody explain me how i can edit the autofil character’s names. I have tried to do throug the spanish equivalent menú options: “Edición/Finalizaciones/Lista de finalización” but it does not work .


In the English version, they’re in Project > Project Settings > Auto-Complete List. Just click on an item to edit it. I don’t know the Spanish equivalents, but I hope this screenshot will help!

Thanks. But the spanish interface is completely different. For example, there is no project tab. And some concepts in the menu sounds like a bad translation.

But you say you’re using the Mac Version 3? Then no matter what the words used in the menu, then positions will be the same – the menus are exactly the same, only the menu item titles are different.

The Projects menu is the sixth one to the right of the Scrivener menu and the Project Settings is fourth down the Projects menu - see the screenshot. Whichever menu in the Spanish version corresponds to these will perform the same function, surely? (Proyecto?)

Alternatively, the English shortcut is cmd-opt-, (comma) – see if that works.


My friend, You are absolutely right. Im so sorry about how I have spent your time, sorry about my mistake. I have a really silly day. I don´t know why -perhaps becouse most of interfaces present it that way- i expect to found the “projet” tab in first or second place. I have been blind on it. Let me thanks you again and apologize for your lost time.

It’s no problem at all – I’m glad it helped!