Scrivener 3 squished the columns on my imported RTF, while Scrivener 1 was perfect

What do I need to change to get this to work? I’m very frustrated.

I imported this big landscape A3 Word doc into Scriv 1 and it appeared fine (parts redacted for privacy):

But then when I did the same in Scriv 3, its a mess. My last columns are squished.
Even when I:

  • 0ptions > appearance > main editor: untick fixed width editor
  • changed the page setup to A3 landscape

I don’t know why this happens, but Scrivener has basic table functionality you can use the correct the squashed columns.

Place your cursor inside the table to set the context. Choose Format > Table or place the Table Toolbar Icon on your Format Toolbar and click that.
In the Table properties pop-up, set the width of the columns in such a way that the total width of the table is 100%. Make the left columns smaller and the right colums wider.


Hope this Helps


Wow there are some really helpful people around here!
Thankyou - you literally made me happy ! :grinning:
Nothing has been working much today.

Funny thing is, I tried that dialogue box before, but didn’t get any results. I assumed it just didn’t work on my imported doc. Your advice gave me the confidence and precision I needed.

It’s a bit more fiddly than just dragging and dropping the edge of the column like in Word, but in the end it worked!

If there are any tips to preventing this in the future, I’m certainly open to hearing them!

PS S1 wasn’t perfect. It did fit the whole table but I see that some columns were a bit squishy - and I can see I can adjust them with this method!

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