Scrivener 3 upgrade path ?

Sorry haven;t been on here for ages so excuse me if it’s already been answered.
Is there any target date / indication of when Scrivener 3 will be released for Windows?

The L&L website stares" Scrivener 3 is now available for macOS and will be a free update for all new Windows customers."

What’s a new windows customer? A new customer pays the same as those of us who are longer term customers.
Sure I completely understand that you don’;t want to discourage new customers / have them wait until version 3 is released and perhaps go elsewhere.

I am wondering however if there will be an upgrade price for existing customers, less that the full retail price? , .

Yes, is there any update for this coming any time soon? I’ve purchased both Mac and Windows versions. I do my writing on my new and much faster Windows machine. I’ve read that page numbering in compiling for paperback only works on Mac. Granted, I’m several month’s away from completing my book, but am hoping the Windows version will finally get the update we’ve been waiting for. Guess I’ll keep fingers crossed. :wink:

A “new” Windows customer is anyone who purchased Windows Scrivener since Mac Scrivener 3 was released, in November 2017.

Yes, Windows users who purchased before that will be entitled to an upgrade discount.


Thanks :slight_smile: