Scrivener 3 (Windows) - Page View Customizing Issue/Bug?

When going to edit the background color in the PAGE VIEW, upon applying the background color both the background AND the page are changing colors instead of ONLY the background. Is this issue already known and I just couldn’t find it? If yes, is it on the list of things to be “patched” next? If no, can it be added to the list of things to be fixed?


Is your page set to Fixed Width in [File >Options > Appearance > main Editor]?

Yes, but I’m speaking in reference to the Page View (File > Options > Appearance > Page View), which as far as I understand is not directly affected by Main Editor.

It’s just that when you don’t have Fixed Width on your Main Editor you CAN have a gray background and white ‘paper’. The ‘background’ color’ will only color the paper, not the gray background.
If you do have a Fixed Width Main Editor the background color setting will color the ‘paper’ as well as the background.
Just saying…

I am trying to help a fellow writer and they are really used to certain styles of MS Word and they want to be able to have certain things. I did show them that the Main Editor view with fixed width and a change in the fixed width background color can make it look like a MS Word page, since I already use it myself. However, they are wanting that with the page breaks and the page numbering and I am trying to get that to work for them since the binder system that Scrivener has would be more beneficial for them and their genre of writing.

I hope they do understand that Scrivener is not wysiwyg and that Page View is not even nearly the same thing as Layout View in Word.

Not familiar with what “wysiwyg” is, but I did explained what I could and the rest is up to them.

wysiwyg = What You See Is What You Get. For writing software, this mean the way you style the text in the editor is what the text will like when you print or otherwise output it.

Word is a classic example of a WYSIWYG app.

In a sense, Scrivener is actually anti-WYSIWYG. The way the text is formatted in the editor can be completely different than how it appears when output.

This is going far afield, I think, from your friend’s original request, which boiled down to making the Scriv editing environment look more like Word’s. My advice to your friend would be to live with the different look of Scriv for a few weeks. There are far bigger differences between Scriv and Word than the look of the editor. :nerd_face: