Scrivener 3 (Windows)


I am keen to upgrade to Scrivener 3 but I’d like to confirm that upgrading from Scrivener 1 (bought a couple of years back) will cost me a $25 upgrade fee.

EDIT: Ah! There is no version 3 for Windows … is that right?



Yes, at the moment Version 3 is for the Mac only. The Windows Version 3 is still in beta, but it is hoped that it will be released this year. If you look at the Windows Beta forum you can download the beta — but it’s still relatively early and not all the functions are working yet, so you probably won’t want to use it for production work.

When the beta is released, it will be a paid upgrade.


Thanks for the clarification. I was keen as well to get buy the update version (I think I’m still on 1.x … not entirely
sure) and went to the store. I see the “Upgrade to 3.x on macOSX” when macOSX was selected, but when I
selected the Windows platform, no “Upgrade…” link was found. Now I know.

Assuming I have 1.x, should I upgrade to 2.x and then upgrade to 3.x, or should I just wait for 3.x?




There isn’t a Version 2 for Windows — the current version is V1.

Basically, Scrivener started life as a Mac program: it wasn’t converted to Windows until about five years later, and because of the tools available on Windows at the time, it was always behind the Mac version in features, so there wasn’t a Windows Version 2.

As I understand it, the new version for Windows (the one in Beta) will have feature parity with the Mac Version 3, so it will also be called Version 3 to make that point clear.

In the meantime, you should use Version 1.9.


Thx for clarifying :slight_smile:


I have Scrivener 3 on my mac computer. Literature and Latte’s website has said that users should refrain from testing out the beta if they’re working with important files. Since I have Scrivener 3 on my Mac, will my projects be safe if I use the Scrivener 3 beta on Windows?

You kind of answered your own question, unless there’s a part of “users should refrain from testing out the beta if they’re working with important files” you don’t understand. :smiley:

Your projects will be safe up until the point of the last version saved (and backed up!) by Scrivener 3 Mac. Any work done with Scrivener 3 Windows (BETA) is entirely at your own risk.


Hi! I downloaded Scrivener around this time last year and I currently have 9 days left on my trial version.

I’m thinking about buying the program now, If I purchase it now, would I get Scrivener 3 for free when it comes out as mentioned here? Or, because I downloaded and started using the program last year, would that mean I have to pay for Scrivener 3 when it comes?
(I’d just like to make sure as I’d rather wait for 3 since I can only purchase once as USD conversion is really high).

Thank you!

The clock starts ticking from when you make the purchase, not from when you download the trial. If you purchase the software tomorrow, that’s within the window L&L has said you’re eligible for the free upgrade. You should not have to worry.