Scrivener 3 won't open

Hello everyone,
Until today everything was fine. Currently, when I try to open it, Scrivener starts to rebuild index and then crashes. I’ve already reinstalled it (didn’t help), and contacted support, but the last time it took 10 days to get a reply, and this is kind of urgent.

What else can I do?

Many thanks in advance.

  1. Try starting while holding down the Shift key which will open it clean with no project opening.

  2. Try to remember what the last things you did before you shut the project down the last time … it could be you imported a corrupt PDF or image.

  3. Have you upgraded to 10.15 Catalina in the meantime? If, make sure you have v. 3.1.5 installed.

  4. Contact L&L through the usual email address but mark it URGENT! They are on holiday dor Xmas and New Year, but KB has said if they get any really urgent requests they will do their best to help.