Scrivener 3 - Won't Update

Hello All,

I imagine there’s a Scrivener/Mac genius here that can answer this.

Macbook Pro is late 2013
Scrivener release: 3.0.3 (3032)

Here’s the error message I get when I click Check For Updates:

"Update Error!

Scrivener can’t be updated when it’s running from a read-only volume like a disk image or an optical drive. Move Scrivener to Applications folder using Finder, relaunch it from there, and try again.

Cancel Update (button)"

And that’s that. Scrivener is already located within the Applications folder.

Alright, please let me know if you’ve any leads.


You can also download the update directly from the site, here:


Still happening. The reply here seems to be bit of a non-sequitur! IS there a problem updating on a Mac? Do we have to reinstall a fresh copy?

As I said, you can download the update directly from the site. That’s usually the fastest way to resolve this sort of issue.

Did you actually drag the Scrivener application to the Applications folder, or did you put the entire installer DMG there?