Scrivener 3 won't work on Monterey

I upgraded to Monterey,12.1 and Scrivener 3 won’t open.

Are you sure it is Scrivener 3? I wouldn’t expect to see that warning with anything other than the ancient v2, which is 32-bit and won’t run at all.

Either way, fetch the latest version from our website, and replace the copy in Applications. If you were running v2 before, you will need to get a new serial number—it will walk you through that when you launch it.

Thanks. It was indeed the App Store version and only version 2. I just assumed the App Store would be the latest version.

Appreciate the quick response.

Oh okay, if you want to upgrade at a discount, send us an email at updates AT literatureandlatte DOT com (fixing the punctuation of course), and send in your receipt from Apple as proof of purchase. We’ll get back to you with a coupon for our direct-sale version (it’s about half off).

Otherwise you’ll need to search the App Store for the new version and purchase it outright. Apple still doesn’t support the concept of giving customers discounts on upgrades for some reason. :slight_smile:

Stupid if you ask me. (And I’m ex Apple - yes they do some bloody daft shit sometimes)

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It was the up to date Scrivener 2, the app you had paid for, which is not the same thing as being the up to date Scrivener.