Scrivener 3: Word count wrong for Chinese when copying and pasting

Recently I updated my software and I love Scrivener 3, but there is a serious bug when copying and pasting Chinese from other websites or documents to Scrivener 3.
For example, when I copy the web(富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福) using Control+C and Control + V to Scrivener 3, it shows that there are 20,482.096 words :open_mouth: and 53,935 characters. That is impossible.
But if I copy the English ver. of the web( with the same method, all is right.
So may you fix it?
Sorry about my poor English and hope that I expressed the bug clear.

Looking forward to your reply

Word count algorithms are extremely difficult to get “right” and they usually always have a different count than other programs.

I copy/pasted the same wikipedia page into Scrivener 1 for Windows, Scrivener 3 for Windows Beta, Microsoft Word, and LibreOffice and every one of them gave me a different word count. Curiously, both of the Scrivener for Windows versions DID have a very wrong word count, with both of them saying that there are 6,404 words in the document. That is impossible. They both said over 51,000 characters (those numbers differ by two, so still really close) but agree that there are only slightly over 6,000 words…

My guess, seeing the averages here, that the page has about 51,500 characters and 31,000 total words.

Here’s the run down of all four totals:

Scrivener for Windows 1:
Words: 6,404 Characters: 51,586

Scrivener for Windows 3 Beta:
Words: 6,404 Characters: 51,588

Microsoft Word 2016:
Words: 31,013 Characters: 52,101

LibreOffice 5.4
Words: 31,422 Characters: 51,515