Scrivener 3?

I was just wondering whether Scrivener 3 (with a possible redesign) is under development at the moment. Other major app makes like OmniGroup (with OmniFocus 2 for iOS 7 and OF2 for Mac coming soon) are redeveloping their apps at the moment.

There’s no news on this. There are certainly no plans for a redesign, as Scrivener is already exactly as I want it in its broad strokes. It’s constantly under development to take advantage of the latest OS features and to fit in with the latest OS interface changes, so requires no fundamental redevelopment in the same way Scrivener 1.x did. Scrivener 2.5 does change and refine quite a lot, though – a lot of the things that I have felt do need redesigning are in that process right now – and on some days I do think about turning 2.5 into 3.0…

An excellent idea! That will give us the opportunity to thank you for the excellent work you’re doing by sending you some money (for I presume Scrivener 3.0 will be a paid update).

Agreed: too much planned obsolescence from Apple, while the developers who largely keep me on this platform are keeping it real. Make it a paid update, brother. Got a merit raise because Scrivener keeps me productive and I’m certainly not alone. Whatever the update (2.5 or 3.0), it seems like time to pay for it.

Thank you! Given the extent of the enhancements (nothing that will stop people working as they already do, but certainly some cool stuff that allows for more flexibility and ease of use), we are indeed now seriously talking about Scrivener 3…

It seems like only three years ago that you were talking about making the next update of 1.x into 2.0… :smiley:

Ooooh! Do we get a new dock icon to complain about? :smiling_imp:

Funny that. :slight_smile:


I hate it! It’s so ugly! Bring back the one from version 2! :unamused:

You can just repost that in a few months’ time. :slight_smile: Maybe we’ll use Scrivener 1.x’s icon, and just alternate that and 2’s icon between releases, so that users get a chance to complain about each!

I thought we’d settled the icon thing?
Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.22.38 AM.jpg

Oh, that’s just for iOS 7.

OUCH! mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of IOS7 :open_mouth:
How to forget that now?

Was that made with a with standard Powerpoint theme? Or is it a website design from 1999?
(I have trouble telling the difference)

It’s enough to put one off buying an iPad to be able to run Scrivener on it. :smiling_imp:

Mr X

Agreed. I too would like to reward your hard work.

Hey, this is a family forum! :open_mouth: :laughing:

Does this mean that the current beta is now more of a version 3 beta than a point release beta for version 2? I love the preferences reorganization, and the compile window/binder highlights will be invaluable in explaining how levels relate to compiling. If I have to wait to get these features until version 3 is released, I might pout. Or I might just start picketing with this for a sign:


No comment. :slight_smile: