Scrivener 3


Are there any plans for Scrivener 3 and if so, what would be the main difference to the current version?


We don’t have any news to share on Scrivener 3.0 at this time, sorry. All I can say at the moment is that there will be a Scrivener 3.0, but I have no news on when it will be or what features will be going into it. :slight_smile:

That could’ve easily been an Apple response :laughing:

At least it’s not the Microsoft response:

But the true Apple response would be to name it Scrivener Gecko, then Komodo, etc…, only to switch gears and start naming versions after “UK things” like Manchester United and Spotted Dick.


Yes, before we get to Scrivener 3, the guys will release Scrivener 2S and Scrivener 2C, with largely similar form factors, but a completely new connector.

In good Apple fashion, the fans can speculate: Scrivener 3 will have a Retina display with rounded corners and it will monitor your health depending on what you’re writing: dissertation, papers, a book… Oh and it will certainly be be wearable with scratch proof Scrapple. It be announced at WWSC (Worldwide Scrivener Conference) next autumn!!!

I want to go to there.

KB, is that a good quote for Macrumours then? :wink: