Scrivener across multiple PCs and windows/Mac

Hi everyone,

I have been searching for a tool like this for quite some time and have big hopes for this, to help me write my PhD.

I currently work from 3 different PCs (1 at work, 2 at home - one of which is a mac)

Can anyone please advise:

i. If I purchase a single windows scrivener version. Can I download it to both my windows PCs?

ii. If I also purchase the MAC version can I use the same populated scrivener on both the MAC and windows PC? For example I’m at work and I’m writing away on my PhD on my windows PC. I save the file to dropbox then come home and open up the scrivener file from dropbox on my MAC. Can I do this and seamlessly work away on the same document?

Appreciate any clarification you guys can provide.



A single Windows licence covers you for all your Windows computers for personal use (or use by family living with you), so you would be able to install it on your PCs at home and at work (provided the one at work isn’t in a public area where it could be used by lots of other people). Likewise for the Mac version - that covers multiple Macs.

The Windows and Mac versions both use the same file format, so yes, you could open the same project in the different version. The only thing to remember is to stick to the features available in the Windows version, because the Mac has some extra features (the Windows version will catch up) that you will want to avoid if opening on both platforms.

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Thanks Keith for the clarification. :smiley:

Is there a way to unregister computers? I reinstall the OS and upgrade components pretty regularly. (So does my family member, who’d probably like it if I let him use my code.)

Edit: deactivate Scrivener. Found it. :slight_smile:

That’s the one, but don’t worry if you forget. You’re allowed 10 activations per serial number, but activations older than three months will be reclaimed automatically without us having to do anything. In other words, suppose over the course of two years you have activated ten times. If you then go to activate again, the first activation you ever did will automatically be voided so that your new activation can go through. You’d only ever need to contact us to reset an activation if you tried to activate 11 or more machines all inside one three month period. Anyone needing to activate more than ten machines in three months either has severe hardware problems, way too many computers, or needs a site licence. :slight_smile: So the activation system should never cause anyone to get locked out and have to wait for us to free up an activation for them, which drives me nuts with some software. We’ve done our best to make sure that it never, ever bothers legitimate users.

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I guess that explains why I bought two licenses and received only one registration key.

Gotcha, thanks. We actually do have something insane like 6 computers between the two of us, but only 3-4 of them would be running Scrivener for windows. :wink:

Statistically speaking, of course.

mjp - please email sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com. If you purchased twice, you should have received two serial numbers. However, you didn’t need to purchase twice. David will be able to sort you out.

Naw, 4 PC’s, 2 macs. Whether or not my SO puts it on his laptop (linux) remains to be seen.

I did purchase two licenses, but David tells me that receiving one serial number is correct.

I think the cost is ridiculously low considering the quality and usefulness of the product, so I wasn’t looking to use one license for two people. I believe in supporting the people who create good software, and Scrivener is certainly good software.

mjp - If you intended to have two serial numbers for two people, just drop David another line and explain (or let me know) and we can send you a 100% coupon so that you can generate a serial number in another name. When you go through the purchase process, you only get to enter a single user name, so if you choose to buy two licences they will both be under that user name. This is more for institutions and companies who want to buy multiple licences, really. If you want two serial numbers under different names, then you need to purchase them separately (but as I say, we can send you a 100% coupon to rectify that easily enough). If you only need one licence, we can refund you for one, no problem.

Thanks for supporting Scriv!

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Keith, I will let him know. Thanks.