Scrivener Acting Slow

Hi, I’m experiencing a lot of stalling with my version of Scrivener. I don’t know if it needs updating or if there’s a bug or what, but for at least a year now I have experienced the program telling me to wait in between any edits or work I’m doing on my 80K word novel. I have stopped using Scrivener for a while for this reason, and as of today I went back to it to see if copying my work from Word and creating a new template in Scrivener would give me the same problems as before, and unfortunately, every time I click on a word or a tab, my mouse shows the wheel cursor. So nothing has changed. Any suggestions? Could it be I’m not using the most current version? Am I using the application wrong? Please help.

Thanks in advance,

80k words? Okay, but split up in very small sub-documents I hope? Try to keep the sub-documents not larger than about 1k words.

Scrivener only loads the sub-document you are currently working on, so splitting in up in small pieces and not displaying all of it at once is the best way to speed things up.

What version of Scrivener are you using, and with which version of OS X?

As lunk noted, 80K words in a single document is quite likely to cause performance issues and somewhat defeats the purpose of using Scrivener in the first place.

Check the autosave interval, which is set in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> General pane. The default setting is very short, and can lead to “stalling” if Scrivener is trying to save when you haven’t actually paused.


I’m using Scrivener 2.8.1 on the Mac OS X El Capitan…

I have 80k words in a single Scrivener document, but they are split into Part 1 and 2, chapters and scenes. Yes, I average around 1,100 words per scene, 4-6,000 words per chapter. I have no problem with stalling when I’m navigating the document but when I am beginning to type and edit inside the document is when I have issues.

I looked into the Autosave Interval, it’s set at after 2 seconds of inactivity to save…this seems to frequent. What should it be on? 2 minutes?

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2 seconds is pretty aggressive. 10 seconds seems to work well for me.