Scrivener Affiliate Program landing page question

After 3.5 years of active use I continue to love Scrivener and want to offer it on my Resources for Writers page using an affiliate link. I’ve been an affiliate for most of that 3.5 years but have been stopped by the less than user-friendly affiliate system (IMHO). But I do understand why you choose to stay with that system from reading other posts on the subject here.

So maybe you can help make it easier. Like others I want to send interested people to a landing page that includes a link to the Trial Offer like this one that was included in a previous post: … atform=mac

But I can’t find that in my affiliate account options. Instead I find this one: … 119550&at=

Which is pretty nice but doesn’t have a link to the Trial Offer (at least not one I can find and if I can’t find it easily, it’ll be hard for others.)

Can anyone assist me to how to use the first landing page or direct me to its current version or another page with the Trial Offer?


Firstly, thank you very much for spreading awareness of Scrivener. It is much appreciated.

When I initially saw the subject of your post, I thought it was going to be about the current inaccessibility of our landing pages. I was surprised to see that you actually appear to have access. I’ve been going back and forth with eSellerate (the providers of our affiliate program) as we can’t even get access to our own landing pages! Please see the following:

“I was replying to a sales affiliate enquiry regarding landing pages, and I’m struggling to view either our Scrivener for Mac Landing Page or Scrivener for Windows Landing Page links. Is this a temporary glitch, or can you see anything causing a permanent issue?”

With a couple of replies:

“I did some checking and unfortunately we still have the issue with Landing Pages. Apparently it is something that is dependent upon a new server being put in place to better handle things and will take some time to get everything moved over, but the plan is that it will be done as soon as we have some other more pressing projects out of the way such as required annual compliance updates, etc… So we understand the need to get to it and hope to do so. For the time being, the only solution I can think of would be to not use the landing pages and stick with regular affiliate Buy URL’s, which do still work just fine. I do apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Unfortunately, this has not been resolved yet and sounds like it is a bigger issue to fix than we initially thought. I just don’t have a good ETA yet. I do apologize for the hassles there. You’ll want to advise affiliates to post the cart Buy URL’s on their sites to promote the products in the meantime. If I get an update I’ll be sure to pass it along.”

So, I’m a little bemused as to why you’re actually getting access to our landing pages whilst we’re not! They may not have the trial link you’re after, but this is a much better scenario than only having a buy URL link to offer, which is the case for everyone currently joining our sales affiliate program.

Not offering a link to the trial relates to ensuring that you get credit and commission for any licence sales that you generate from your affiliate webpage. Going from what eSellerate have explained previously, the situation is slightly platform related (better on Windows), but they wouldn’t be able to ensure the tracking of a trial installation to a sale and then credit you with your due funds. Sorry about this limitation, as you’d probably sell more referrals if you could offer our free trial, but this is the only setup we can offer.

All the best,

Thanks David for the update. Sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing.

While my resource page isn’t public yet because it’s not finished, it can be seen here:

I have Scrivener front and center and I’m satisfied with the pages it send people to…least for now. Still would be ideal if the trial offer could be included but understand the issue with that now.