Scrivener after two books

Faff is never without purpose, but, in fact, I would say that truthfully faff is the purpose, should one simply take a sufficiently macrobiotic view. Sadly, being stuck in the doldrums of subjectivity as we are it’s hard to believe that, but perhaps, as faffers by trade it we ought to keep it as a matter of belief. Faith in faff, as it were.

…exactement!!..Mon Ami…exactement! :wink: et avec des cloches et des sifflements aussi Le Faff [i]rules OK!![/i] :laughing:

M`sieur Clangy Bangy…at all times, sincères amitiés, :smiley:
Take care
Le D :smiling_imp:

Wow! I do not often miss Word, and least of all its utterly annoying ‘office assistant’ paperclip (does it still live, in these Vista ages?).

But as of today Keith, I beg you, please introduce Clippie as a feature in Scrivener, if only so it could scream…

…at me every time I inadvertently switch away from the text I am editing because the cursor is sitting in the wrong pane? Scrivclipp would have saved me at least a thousand moments of frustration and despair.

Or, of course, Scrivclipp could just shout…



RTFM= ‘Read the bloody manual’ :confused: Surely not M`sieur!
Le D :imp:

Paul, the other option (which you may find easier to remember, I certainly do) is to use “Lock in place” (cmt-opt-l) on the pane containing your reference document. Then, if you select something in the Binder while that pane has focus, you’ll simply find nothing happens. Which should remind you to put the focus in the other pane before hitting the Binder again :wink:

I know it’s not as elegant as “Binder affects”, but I just never remember to do that. Plus, locking a document gives you a nice visual reminder by changing the colour of the title bar in the locked pane.

As much as it hurts to type I must agree with the decaying one. RTFM is much better than RTBM. The possibility of infantile interpretation is approaching 1 the longer I look at it. S

So granting KB’s desire to keep the scriv accessible and under an MA rating, we could not expect him to implement a suitable scrivlippy.

Now if only he could get rid of the +3 the forums would be safe as well… For the record, it is the pigeon’s fault.


Having written the odd manual in my time, I feel inclined to extrapolate it to ‘Read the Fantastic Manual’.

Sadly, however, I can’t sincerely do that. All it does is detract from the succinct and emphatic plea that software authors and their misanthropic minions, tech writers, have so excellently summed up into four letters.