Scrivener and Antidote


I have a problem that I don’t understand with Antidote & Scrivener.

Last year, I wrote a book with Scrivener 2.8.
I corrected it with Antidote and I had no problem: the correction was done directly in Scrivener (it’s so great !)

Today, I wrote a second book with Scrivener 3, and unfortunately, the correction with Antidote does not work anymore: I have to correct with Antidote and then copy-paste the text in Scrivener (I have 101k to correct -_- ')

So I thought that Scrivener 3 was not compatible with Antidote, and I tried again with Scrivener 2.8. But it doesn’t work anymore. Text does not correct in Scrivener.

Hence my question: why? Is there a bug or something like that? Or do I have to do a special manipulation?

Connectix no longer finds my 2 Scrivener (2.8 & 3)

Thank you if you can help me :smiley:

I am on High Sierra 10.13

Sorry, Scrivener does not have a plug-in architecture, and so it doesn’t support third-party integrations, So we do not support integration with Antidote. Antidote’s customer support team may be able to advise on whether they support Scrivener at their end.