Scrivener and Apple Mail

Sorry if this has been covered, but besides copy and paste, is there any recommended way to work with e-mail and Scrivener? Here’s the use case I’m looking at:

I write a draft, email it to my editor. Editor e-mails back notes for tweaks and additions. I want to be able to bring that e-mail into Scrivener, preferably with a link back to the original so I can sort it into whatever conversation Mail places it into. Then I can make the changes and then have a “paper” trail of all my movements.


Yes, copy and paste is probably just as good as the other method, which lets you select the text in Mail and use the clipping service to create a new clip in the Binder (arguably, this select-and-transfer method is just about as efficient as hypothetically dragging the e-mail, as many people have a penchant for leaving the entire quoted chain intact, resulting in a lot of extraneous material that would have to be cleaned out anyway). Either way, you can drag the e-mail into the References pane for the binder item, which will let you double-click on it to open the original message in Mail.

It is rather annoying that Apple Mail uses a private drag type… I’d love to be able to make it so that Scrivener can accept drags from Mail, but sadly it’s not possible.

Without that, AmberV’s suggestions are the best you can do I’m afraid.

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Wowza. Just like Andy Ihnatko said on MacBreak Weekly: “I used Scrivener as just a great text editor for about a year before I discovered how powerful it is” Sheesh, there is so much under the hood here. I didn’t even know about the clippings service, WHICH IS AWESOME!

Thanks so much folks, this is a huge help.