Scrivener and Big Sur

It was new. It was shiny. I upgraded.

Bad nerd!

I’m seeing some crash reports on exiting Scrivener, which I’m pretty sure are related to Big Sur.

I think I saw a post saying there was a Scrivener build that fixed some Big Sur issues but I can’t find the post.

Is there a version beyond the current production release that might accommodate the new OS?

Many thanks in advance, both for any tips and for the time and effort in support of writers.

I think this one’s the one you want:


Interestingly, once I whined about the problem in public, I had no more trouble.

The newer build seems to be working great.

corrupted files… useless help… Endless shutdowns. Not happy with this “upgrade” . I’m staying with an earlier version of 3 for a while… At least I can open and edit files