scrivener and citation

hi there.
I use to windows, mac os x and gnu/linux version of the scrivener. but as you know, gnu/linux version of endnote does not exist. which program do you recommend instead of endnote on gnu/linux?

any answer?

In my opinion, Zotero is by far the best citation manager. There’s also a Linux version. I’ve been using it for years, but I haven’t tried it with Scrivener yet. However, some people have reported success using them together. Try Googling Zotero and Scrivener for more help.

I’m trying to decide between Papers or Zotero as the citation companion for Scrivener. I’m looking for recommendations with respect to better compatibility and ease of use…want to avoid spending too much time fussing around with the software! Thanks!

I always did my bibliographies and such by hand. The programs I tried never worked the way I wanted. (And I speak as one who did complete and defend a dissertation.)


You can do it with MLZ Zotero [not vanilla Zotero] in Firefox [not standalone] and Scrivener. Do a little research at the zotero forum and It will work. I am willing to try to help you fine tune it on the condition that you play with it a little first. You must be prepared to clean up the output, but it’s a fair tradeoff for managing a thousand or more discrete citations in a 300 page document. I have a fixed routine (at the chapter level) for exporting to LibreOffice and cleaning up stuff for term paper / dissertation format. I won’t be any help for other formats, or other word processors. The folks at the Zotero Forum, especially the MLZ threads, have been really helpful to me.


What was your dissertation? Just curious.


Thanks very much Garpu and Kraml! I didn’t see your posts until now! …years later. I went with Papers in the end :wink:. It’s has its pros and cons…still trying to find an optimal way to use it.

I really wish such tools existed when I was writing academic things… :slight_smile:

Bookends is my favorite bibliographic management software. It is not the sexiest, but allows a very very fine setting and is constantly updated. The developer Jon responds almost instantly if you have a bug.

Papers3 is very buggy and the successor of Papers3, Readcube, will be paid subscription. As for Sente, it’s an abandoned software. I do not know what Endnote is worth, but it was too expensive for me.

But Bookends is Mac only, which doesn’t help anyone using Scrivener on Linux or the Windows version under Wine, and here we’re in the Linux sub-forum.