Scrivener and CP Notebook teamed together

Although the articles are dated, they still provide some insights for those wanting to see how Circus Ponies Notebook and Scrivener can work together.

CP Notebook and Scrivener for writing

Scrivener- Perfect program for dissertation

CP Notebook for structuring creative wiring

I found each article helpful and sinc eI have both programs, I will begin exploring the combination.

I found these articles useful. I read them a few months back. I have been stumped by project. I had lots and lots of information in scrivener, but found I just was not able to organize it, I just needed a finer granularity of control- on the sentence level. Circus ponies notebook provided the blinders that I needed. I could focus on one sentence at a time. I know I could’ve done a similar thing in scrivener. But the mental noise of having all those tiny little “files” stuck in the binder would have been deafening.