Scrivener and Createspace

I thought I would check here to see what problems (if any) people were having compiling a PDF for use by Createspace and saw just a few. My short story anthology has no images or graphics and, after making sure my font was consistent throughout the Scrivener document, I compiled a PDF and passed it through Createspace’s preview phase without a problem being detected by Createspace. But, I’m wondering if I should include a TOC (I’m using the beta version and that TOC feature worked great with my full-length novel).
Will that require some manipulations outside of Scrivener? Thanks!

IIRC, I compiled my book, which had a lot of images in it, to an RTF, then imported that into an OpenOffice document, and worked from there. That’s how I’d recommend doing it, since Scrivener has no capabilities for different margins for left and right facing pages (correct me if I’m wrong), nor for different page numbering on front matter pages, etc.

My system worked quite well.