Scrivener and Cubby from LogMeIn?

Hello, everyone,

Will Scrivener work with LogMeIn’s new Cubby?

I’m guessing that the answer will be similar to Dropbox, et al, but I’m hoping that Cubby is different enough to allow full syncing. Sync with the cloud would be nice, but if it worked ‘peer-to-peer’ that would be spectacular. (There are size limits with Cloud Syncing, but not with peer-to-peer (if you don’t use the cloud).)

Since you can specify any folder as a “Cubby,” I’m hoping that a Scrivener folder could be kept in sync between my Macs.

Fingers crossed! The syncing thing is my biggest hiccup.


Could you clarify what you mean by full syncing? I’m not aware of any limitations in Dropbox that would cause it to be referred to as partial syncing.