Scrivener and DevonThink

I know these two programs have been commented on exhaustively on both this and the DT forum. Sorry for adding to the mess. That said, I can’t find the answer to my question anywhere. Therefore:

I have multiple projects in Scrivener that get updated on a fairly regular basis. I’d like to store those projects in DevonThink as well, but I’ve not yet found a good way to sync between the two. Perhaps I’m just too daft in both applications to figure this out for myself…

Is there a way for me to automatically update my DT database when my Scrivener project gets changed?

Have you tried indexing (file > index…) the Scrivener files instead of importing them? Indexing creates a link to the outside file instead of importing the file into DEVONthink. Therefore, if you change anything on the Scrivener file (which is placed outside DT) the link inside DT will reflect it.

Hope this helps.

– MJ