Scrivener and Dictation - new ideas?

Hi everyone

I broke down and bought dictation software. I totally love it. Right now, I’m using it mostly to analyze characters and have them speak.

Sometimes I use it inside scrivener to dictate scenes. Within scrivener, a dialogue box pops up and I must transfer the scene.

If anyone else is dictating scrivener would love new ideas about what you’re doing. I suppose what I’m really asking are some tips of outlining in scrivener using dictation.

you can fix the problem of having to use the dialog box in Dragon, with this tip:
In Dragon, Go to Options, Miscellaneous and UNcheck the box “Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications” and now you can dictate directly into Scrivener’s text areas.

My issue with using Dragon and Scrivener is how awful the interruption of common words can be. I had a story where the main character’s name was Janie and Scrivener would write Jimmy, Joni, or any other variation and only rarely writer Janie. There were many, many other instances of mistakes and it seemed I spent more time looking for wrong words than actually writing.

Plus when you do correct a word, Scrivener always capitalizes the new word even in the middle of a sentence.

Please note that these are Dragon mistakes, not Scrivener mistakes. Scrivener itself has no voice recognition capability, it just stores the text that Dragon gives it. Please see their documentation for guidance on how to improve recognition accuracy.