Scrivener and due label with reminder


Does anybody use Scrivener for idea and project management in a “getting things done” style? OmniFocus is great, but I would rather stay in the app which I use for my projects anyway, and that is Scrivener. Moreover, the structuring and outlining features of Scrivener are pretty awesome.

So I started trying it. I created separate binder sections for my current projects (with several sub-folders), delegated things to wacht at, deferred items and so on. I can set labels and status which is very convenient.

One thing I’m missing, though, that is due labels and reminders. I created a custom meta data “deadline” which shows in the inspector. But as far as I can see there is no reminder feature. The deadline feature in the project targets is not really a reminder, as far as I can see. What I would love is the possibility to set due labels and remind-me dates when the project comes near to the due date. If Scrivener would provide these two more “labels” with a reminder function, it would be perfect for me as an all-in-one project management tool.

It’s not a deal breaker, because Scrivener is really great anyway, but an additional reminder feature within Scrivener would be very nice to have.

Any suggestions and tipps for using Scrivener in an OmniFocus-like-style?



I do use Scrivener for this. I have two Scrivener projects: one that manages my task list and another for project documentation. Managing reminders and due items are handled with specific folders and documents within those folders. Labels and keywords used with collections let me determine what’s due and from whom. While it doesn’t provide automated reminders etc. it does allow me the freedom of getting at the root documents if needed, which most of the Information Managers (and I’ve experimented with a lot of them :slight_smile:) don’t let you do.

While some form of reminder and due labeling in Scrivener would be great for this use of it, I suspect we’ll see some valid push back with the fact that Scrivener’s focus is a writing application and once you get into due dates and reminders someone will expect integration with Outlook or Thunderbird or . . .

Still, like you I’ll keep my fingers crossed.



thank you for your post and the inside in your workflow! Good to know that I’m not the only one with such ideas! :smiley:

How do you use collections for that purpose?

I just found out that one can add a “deadline” column in the Outline-view. This is great, because so I can sort the projects according to their deadline. It’s not an automated reminder, but I agree, Scrivener provides a lot of freedom to manage the tasks, and this freedom is a value in itself.


I use the collections with Keywords – for example, I have follow ups with various team members across my projects (labels identify the project) and use the keyword for that person’s name. Generating a collection based on the keyword name gives me a full list of what’s owed to me by that person.

‘Deadlines’ – must be a Mac feature, I can’t find it in my Windows version. Hmm – Scrivener and Scapple – is that justification for migrating to a Mac?


Thanks, Richard! That sounds interesting, I will try it out.

Yes, maybe the “deadline” column in outliner view it’s a Mac feature. Definitely one reason (more) to switch to Mac. :wink: