Scrivener and emails

I have been flirting with using Scrivener as a document manager and for my purposes it works very well, with one exception. It does a fabulous job of organizing and enabling searches of RTFs and PDFs, for example, but it doesn’t seem able to incorporate emails (I use Mail). I know that Scriv is not intended to be many things, one of which is the use I’m after here, but it nonetheless does such a good job, I can’t help wondering if it can be made to work even better. So, my question is: Is there a way to get Mail emails to be readable within Scrivener? (Journler does this, so I presume it’s not in principle impossible for Scrivener–but of course perhaps just far enough afield to be ruled out?)

Can’t you just copy the e-mail text in? The Mail pasteboard format is private (someone on Daring Fireball or somewhere did an article on it, and you can access it, but it there’s no easy way of getting the text from it). You can link to e-mails via the references panel, though.

My you are quick!
Yes, I can copy/paste–it’s just more tedious of course than selecting a batch of emails and importing.

Anyway, thanks for your (as always) prompt help.
(Somehow, as I mentioned, Journler does get the text. Presently, this is the only reason I haven’t switched everything from there into Scriv.)


I moderated an email group this fall and found it easy to select emails in Mail, save them to the desktop in rtf format, then drag & drop into Scrivener’s binder.

Scrivener worked great. It allowed me to easily keep track of the emails, look over the previous weeks posts and write my responses.

Thanks, Keith!

Thanks, karen. This is great. I never realized.

If one selects several/many emails, they get saved as one rtf document. Do you know of a way to keep them separate (aside from saving each one separately)?

Hi jb-

I don’t know how to have Mail save them as separate files, but once you drag the file into Scrivener it is easy to use command-K (or option-command-K) to split the file into separate documents.


Thanks again, karen

I think you mean the “Split” command in the contextual menu–I don’t see any keyboard shortcuts assigned. Perhaps you did that yourself?

Anyway, this is a decent workaround.
Thanks much.

You can see the keyboard shortcuts under the Documents Menu:

Documents Menu -> Split -> Split at Selection (command-K)
or Split with Selection as Title (option-command-K)

Have fun splitting!

  • karen

Ah, yes, there it is.
(I didn’t realize that shortcuts don’t show in contextual menu…)

I remember hoping that Scr. 1.1 would come with a list of Keyboard shortcuts. One day someone (more able to find them than I!) will perhaps put a list together.

One more time: Thanks.