Scrivener and EndNote - issue with reference list

I’ve recently started using Scrivener for my PhD thesis, but have already done a lot of writing in Word. I have imported the documents from Word into Scrivener which works fine. For citation I use EndNote and have found manuals in blogs of how to use EndNote with Scrivener (copy-paste from list of references in EndNote, export in rtf, open in Word and resave, update citations).

This works, but the problem is when I already have citations in the original Word document. What happens is that the new citations from Scrivener end up in a new reference list, they don’t integrate into the ordinary reference list. So I first have one list in alphabetical order which is the “original” list from the first Word document, and below that a new list is started with the references that I put straight into the Scrivener document.

If anyone has any idea of how to resolve this I would be very very happy!

Did you use CWYW (cite while you write) in Word? If so you should turn it off and use Tools > Covert to unformatted citations… in Word BEFORE you import into Scrivener, then you use the same unformatted citation format in Scrivener. Then when you want the final bibliography, compile to DOCX and manually scan the DOCX file in Word.

THANK YOU so much for your help!! It worked as you said - though I compile it to RTF, otherwise the formatting gets weird.

Such a relief, thank you!