Scrivener and Endnote Issue

Please help if you are successfully using Scrivener and ENDNOTE:

I have a large number of ENDNOTE references both in my Scrivener text as well as in footnotes (grey boxes on the right hand side). ENDNOTE won’t format the references in my footnotes and I can’t find the right settings when compiling out of Scrivener that will lead to formatted footnotes.

I’m compiling into Rich Text (Word Compatible), then run it through format paper in ENDNOTE X7 and finally open the resulting Rich Text file in Word. Footnotes remain unformatted.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?

No, although I don’t remember whether I had any citations in my footnotes (I didn’t have many footnote).

However, my workflow was different: I compiled to a Word Doc (.docx from memory) and then used the EndNote plugin for Word to format my references. I have never achieved satisfactory results when running an RTF through EndNote. Ever. After a few trials in preparation of formatting my thesis, I decided the pain wasn’t worth it and that using Word hurt far less.

Even then, I never, never, used cite-while-you-write. I have a few mottos that got me through my doctorate, and they include “never destroy your thesis with something that doesn’t work” (that’s the general gist anyway).

That might be a good workaround… However, I really like the rtf-Endnote way, works perfectly except for the footnotes! Anyone an idea?