Scrivener and Evernote Save PDF to Scrivener issue

I use Evernote as a hub for a lot of my research. What I like to do is select certain notes and export them to Scrivener as a PDF. What I usually do is when I clip something from the Web, I clip it as a Simplified Article, which takes out a lot of the web page garbage. Once in Evernote, I clean up the page and from there I go to Print and save it as a PDF to import into Scrivener.

I noticed a few days ago that I can actually skip a step and save as a PDF to Scrivener directly. So I tried that and it didn’t work. I was advised to take a look at the manual and see if in my Library I had the Scrivener alias Save PDF to Scrivener. I didn’t; so I manually created the alias. That didn’t work.

Jennifer Hughes who is part of the Scrivener Google+ community suggested I close out Scrivener, delete the alias and Scrivener would recreate one on its own. I did that, but Scrivener has not recreated an alias.

The problem is that I never had this alias in my Library. I know that it works for a few people who have updated to Yosemite, but another friend has a similar issue–she had the alias in her library, but it didn’t work. She followed the close and delete method, however, Scrivener did not recreate the alias.

If anyone can figure this out, I would be so grateful! :smiley:

Did you buy from the Mac App Store or directly from us? The Mac App Store version doesn’t create the alias because Apple doesn’t allow that for apps sold via the store. But you should still be able to create the alias manually… Is the project to which you want to save the PDF open when you try it? Scrivener can only import the PDF to whichever project is currently frontmost in the app.

Yes, I purchased it directly from you, and yes, the project is open and NADA.

I just tried creating it manually again, and it still refuses to work. :cry:

Per Jennifer’s suggestion, I uninstalled/reinstalled both Scrivener and Evernote. It works now! :smiley:

Glad Jennifer got you sorted!