Scrivener, and Growl 1.3

Here, have a bug report. :slight_smile:

Scrivener (at least, the non-App Store version, for those of us who’ve had it since pre-App Store) no longer issues Growl notifications on Lion if Growl 1.3 is running. There’s a good technical reason for this (which I’ll go into in more depth below), but the short form is that the way in which Scrivener is using the Growl framework 1.2.1 is not working properly.

1.2.2 and less will return a ‘NO’ for isGrowlInstalled checks, because they were coded to look specifically for the old Growl prefpane. This won’t work with Growl 1.3, as it’s now an application. This is probably why the Growl options are greyed out in Scrivener’s options with Growl 1.3 running.

The long explanation is that with Apple pushing sandboxing on everything in the Mac App Store that’s Lion capable, Growl was about to die. The old method Growl used to communicate between the framework and Growl itself was disallowed by the sandbox model; as a result, Growl had to be rewritten for 1.3 to add a new method of communication and make the app sandbox-friendly. This redesign is why Growl had to move out of the old prefpane and into its own app… even though that broke the isGrowlInstalled checks.

And the App Store version of Scrivener is going to break on Growl /anyway/ when its sandboxed, alas.

The 1.2.x frameworks work fine to talk to Growl 1.2 and Growl 1.3 (when not sandboxed) with the isGrowlInstalled caveat, and the 1.3 framework works fine to talk to Growl 1.2 (when not sandboxed) or 1.3 (always), as well as having a built in mini-Growl that uses its own notification style if Growl isn’t installed at all. Unfortunately, the 1.3 version of the framework only works on Snow Leopard and Lion.

The probable fix is to make the non-appstore version ignore isGrowlInstalled checks, and upgrade the app store version to version 1.3 of the framework.

That was probably more info than you needed for an ‘I have no Growl notifications for hitting targets as I work on my NaNo, and that makes me sad,’ but hopefully it helps! :slight_smile:


Please try out the latest beta versions of Scrivener from the beta-testing forum, as this has been fixed for Scrivener 2.2.


Hi there.

Would that be build 15739?

I’ve tried that with Growl 1.3.1 and I can’t get notifications from Project Targets.

Oops, my apologies, I was wrong - this hasn’t been rolled into a beta yet. Instead, I had a user with the same problem test out a build to see if it fixed it. I made the build available here:

I should be submitting to the App Store today, so 2.2 should hopefully be out in the next few days (I’ll release on the site at the same time as the App Store version is accepted, to avoid confusion).

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Thanks Keith.

I’ll give it a try later on.

Great work.


Yup. All working fine now.

Thanks again


Not sure what confusion can arise. Users have only one of the two versions. And MAS can be painfully slow in approving a submission. If the new version is ready, I’d suggest you release it here ad when MAS finally approves it, MAS users get it from MAS

We’d get complaints, trust me. And App Submission has only taken a few days so far in my experience.