Scrivener and Office X Word

I’m running Scrivener on OS 10.4 (Tiger) and using MS Office X (v.10). When I compile the draft and open it in Word, I get some odd formatting. Single underscores “_” appear at the beginning of paragraphs and also sometimes appear instead of line breaks. This happens when saving as DOC or RTF and I’ve tried several different settings. Has anyone else encountered this or know what settings might eliminate the problem? Thanks.

That’s the version prior to 2004 isn’t it? Sorry, I’ve never tested on that version of Office. Scrivener uses the built-in OS X exporters, though - if you save text out of TextEdit and open it in Office X, how does that fare (both as RTF and DOC)?
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Textedit seems fine (no weirdness). The only thing I can think of is that the file has –over time– been worked on (in Scrivener) on two different Macs. One of them was an intel Mini and the other a PPC iBook (both running Tiger, though).