Scrivener and Personal Brain

Has anyone on the forum used Scrivener with Personal Brain? If so, did you find using both redundant in terms of laying out plots, relationships, etc. and visually seeing the connections? Or did you find that PB complemented Scrivener’s index card and outline capability? I’m a Scrivenerholic, but haven’t quite figured out how best to show plot, subplots and characters that are interrelated. At the same time, I’m PB is pricey and I’m not anxious to shell out that much $$, particularly if I’m missing a feature in Scrivener or how best to use that feature. Any comments appreciated.

I gave Personal Brain a trial; all very clever and fun to use but, in my case, completely superfluous. I’ve found that Incubator from MindCad fits my modest needs very nicely. It has a clean and simple interface, with some powerful outlining capabilities tucked away under the hood. Oh yes - and also the easiest method of data entry that I’ve so far stumbled across.

Well worth a try:

Hope this helps.


JRP - you are aware that PersonalBrain has a free version, right? From their website:

Unless there’s something in the Pro version you desperately need, there’s no need to fork any cash over. I use the Free version myself, though I’d hardly qualify as a power-user. I mostly tinker with it now and then to get the juices flowing about an idea or a character.

Is this where you got your`s from? Do you think it would solve my problem :confused: :frowning:

Give it a whirl! Couldn’t hurt…


Thanks for the suggestions. Yes to the question of the free version of PB; that’s what I’m playing with at the moment. And I will check the other suggestions out.

Let me recast my question a bit, which I will also post as a new topic (just in case people aren’t following this thread). Does any one have a suggestion about how I can use Scrivener to show the interrelated/intersecting characters/plot lines/etc. more visually? Are labels the most efficient way? But if so, how do you track at a glance?

Again, thanks for any and all comments.