Scrivener and Pro Writing Aid

I don’t know who should fix this, but I think this is potentially catastrophic. I’m using latest Windows beta 3 (Version: Beta (415053) 64-bit - 21 Dec 2018) and latest Pro Writing Aid in Windows.

Here is the case:

I write “I wrote this in Scrivener.”

I sync with external folder.

I open the synced rtf file in Word.

I edit in Word. I add the text “I added this text in Word.”

I sync external folder again (the Word edit comes to scrivener)

I close scrivener and open ProWritingAid.

In ProWritingAid I open the Scrivener file.

I edit the file in ProWritingAid. I add the text “I wrote this in ProWritingAid”

Save ProWritingAid and Close.

I open Scrivener again, and the text “I wrote this in ProWritingAid” is there. The file reads:

“I wrote this in Scrivener. I added this text in Word. I wrote this in ProWritingAid.”

Without touching the document, I sync external folder, but nothing appears to happen (super fast sync).

I open the rtf file in word, and the text “I wrote this in ProWritingAid” is missing. The file reads:

“I wrote this in Scrivener. I added this text in Word.”

At this point, my guess is that when ProWritingAid edits the file, it doesn’t mark the file as edited, and the “sync with external folder” doesn’t know it has to sync it. So eaven though I deliberately did the steps to have all files in the latest version, and I should assume the rtf file is up to date, it’s not.

Then I edit the rtf file in Word. It looks like this:

“I wrote this in Scrivener. I added this text in Word. And I added this text after the ProWritingAid addition didn’t sync.”

I save and return to scrivener, where I sync with external folder again. The rtf file overites the “I wrote this in ProWritingAid” file with the one I just edited in word; the “I wrote this in ProWritingAid” is lost.

The snapshot does save the previous file, so if you realize that that happened, you can do something, but there is no warning of file conflicts of any kind, so it’s super easy to not realize when this happens.

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I attempted to replicate this because I use ProWriting Aid and agree it would be catastrophic. I also have Beta 12 and latest ProWriting aid.

In Scrivener I added a line to an article and entered the time 4:18. exited Scrivener - it synced.
In prowriting aid I opened the rtf of the article in the Synced folder, I’d changed. Saw the scrivener line. Added a prowriting aid line and time (1 minute later). 4:19 Saved and exited.

Opened scrivener, it noticed the change and requested I re-sync. I did. Everything was there. I added another line and time 4:21. Then saved and exited. It synced again.

Then opened prowriting aid and added another line with 4:22 saved. Closed.
Opened Scrivener - It warned of need to sync. I re-synced. All there.

So, something else is happening. Are you syncing to Google drive or Dropbox? anything else going on? Something must be different between our situations. Of course I didn’t mess with Word as it didn’t seem necessary.

The difference I can see is that you edited the .rtf in ProWritingAid. I edited the .scriv in ProWritingAid using ProWA native scrivener support. And I think there’s the bug.

My theory is that ProWA doesn’t ‘tell’ scrivener it edited a document, so when a folder sync happens, scrivener asumes it doesn’t need to sync the file ProWA edited, if the rtf file is recent enough.

Also, the Word part is important because it’s indirectly responsible for the deletion of text.

Yes, please report that bug to ProWriting Aid. When I went to the Beta, I switched to editing the rtf and not assuming ProWritingAid worked with the Beta. It ended up being MUCH easier than I thought, as the sync file is not so esoteric, but rather gives regular names to the rtf articles so you can easily pick out the sections you need to edit. They change the naming of the sync files so they can be handled by an external editor that doesn’t understand the system. Each article has its Binder label for a name.