Scrivener and project management

I love Scrivener and will be there with my cash when version 2.0 comes out. In the meantime, I’m an academic writing a book whilst doing too much teaching, too much PhD supervision and too much departmental admin. I’m looking for some project management software with which to marry up Scrivener. Here’s my proposed usage situation:

  1. Research Period (7 months) - various internal deadlines for chapters; various tasks and research trips; dump files into Devonthink Pro; cross-reference; compile Scrivener document with per-chapter images, PDFs and notes;
  2. Drafting period (3 months) - work and re-work in Scrivener
  3. Writing Up (as long as it takes) - output chapters to Pages 09

So I would like a program I can basically time-line this in; attach deadlines; attach files (or aliases) to periods of work; review tasks, etc., etc.

Any ideas?

The leading contenders in the field are Omniplan ( and Merlin ( Merlin is probably over-kill; Omniplan is very nice but will cost you $90 for an educational licence (I recall) and a certain amount of time to learn.

There’s also this:, which may be adequate for your needs and only $39.


Cheers Hugh. I tried Omniplan but couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Most of these apps seem to be designed for web designers/ software companies. Fair enough, but there’s a gap in the market (Keith) which a writing-centered software developer could fill… (p’haps with Scrivener Version 3.0!).

I’ll give Process a go in the meantime.

If you are just managing yourself, you don’t need those high-powered applications. Taskpaper, Things, OmniFocus, are probably good enough.