Scrivener and Reality TV

I’m a reality TV writer (yes, yes, it is written!) and I absolutely love Scrivener. I use it to collect and search field producer notes, it holds my research, my thoughts, web links, network notes – just a fantastic tool.

One thing would make it absolutely perfect – the ability to write reality scripts in the program. Right now, I’ve made a Word template, and although it does import, it doesn’t function once it is imported. Here is why…it uses tables.

A typical reality script has 3 columns (unlike an AV script that has two).

Column #1 is for the Tape #
Column #2 is for the Timecode
Column #4 is for Description

I tried using the Table function is Scrivener to create this, and it does, but only for a specified number of rows…for example, you type in “4” under the rows box and sure enough, I have 4 rows, three columns each. BUT, what I need to happen is when I’m in the last cell of the script (row 4, column 3), I want to hit either TAB or RETURN and have a new, three column row created.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this? I would be forever indebted to you!

Hmmm…reality TV sounds like the ultimate oxymoron!

Couldn’t you just set up 3-4 tab stops in the Preferences: Set Default Text Attributes?
Then, every Return would give you a line with the columns you need.
After exporting, select the columns and use the Word Text to Table command.
If, that is, you want tables. Otherwise, it will be in tabbed columns.

There may be a more elegant solution, but that should work.

I have a friend who scripts Howard Stern. Every word he speaks, it’s written.