Scrivener and Scapple don't start anymore


Both programs hang when I want to start them. Windows reports “no feedback”.

The problem might be caused because I tried to install them from a USB-stick earlier. Maybe in the registry is wrong. A new installation on the machines primary drive does not work either.

Maybe a cleaning of the registry will bring relieve?

Many thanks for your assistance and support in advance!


If you are using Windows 7, maybe the solution which helped me and others from the same problem might be worth a try: Right-click on the Scrivener.exe file in the installation folder (mostly "Programme Files“) and then choose Properties, then “Compatibility” and setting the option to run the program in compatibility mode to “Windows 7”, as described also in another thread in this forum. Worked fine in my case. See also [url]]

Dear Etojok

It worked promptly … I am in heaven!

So many thanks,