Scrivener and Sente integration

Hello everyone,
I’m using the latest versions of Scrivener and Sente and I’ve encountered a small but annoying problem related to the use of cmd-Y. Specifically, when in Sente I select one or more references and then press cmd-Y, the focus goes to Scrivener and the references get pasted into the active Scrivener window. So far, so good. The problem is that the pasted references loose their formatting, e.g., italics for book titles. If, however, after cmd-Y I press cmd-V, then the desired references get pasted (a second time) with the correct formatting. As I understand it, the first pasting goes “wrong” because, after cmd-Y in Sente, Scrivener does “paste and match style” instead of just “paste”. Is there any way to make cmd-Y work with “paste” instead of “paste and match style”?
Many thanks

Maurizio – This is not a Scrivener issue, but rather a product of a recent change in Sente. I presume you are running the current version, 6.2.9? That version altered the behavior of Sente when copying and pasting (and dragging and send to file/word processor) references in the various formats. Users did not like the fact that Sente took the formatting (e.g. font and size) from Sente and inserted it into the target document, supplanting that document’s font and size.

The problem as you illustrate is that some of the formatting is desirable (italics, for example), but the Sente developers apparently can’t retain italics without also retaining font and size. The developers are apparently planning to change it back to the previous behavior. You may downgrade to 6.2.8 if you want. The details are in this thread on the Sente forum:

The Sente developers posted that this will be reverted in 6.2.10