Scrivener and Single Document view

Once again, apologies if this is a mistake in the tutorial rather than a bug.

In the tutorial, on the section Step 7, Changing Editor Views, it states:

“When you are viewing a folder or a document that has subdocuments, though, there are four modes available - the single document, corkboard and outliner mode, and also Scrivenings mode. The left mode icon will look like a group of papers and indicate Scrivenings mode. While in Scrivenings mode, clicking the far left button will bring you to Single Document mode and only show the head document of the group.”

But this does not seem to be the case. When I select a document that has subdocuments, the “scrivenings” mode seems to be automatically selected, and there are only three modes available.

You click on the left document icon to go back to single document mode. The shortcut is Ctrl + 1.

Hope that helps.