Scrivener and Source Control (Git)

Hi there!

Is anyone using Git with their Scrivener project? I’ve found a couple of pages on the subject, and it seems to work fine. But I’d like to keep my repository as clean as possible. As such I want to configure a .gitignore to only maintain the files that I require to be able to run the program properly across my computers, and maintain version history for any big changes I make.

Obviously what is required is subjective, so I was hoping someone could help me out with what various files in a Scrivener project are? Both and offer .gitignore files, but they don’t explain what they’re ignoring. Where in not tracking a particular file I might lose history that I wanted to keep?

A few files in particular that I’d love to know what they store/do, and whether they’re worth tracking in the repository:

  • /Files/Docs/docs.checksum
  • /Files/binder.autosave
  • /Files/binder.backup
  • /Files/search.indexes
  • /Files/user.lock
  • /Files/version.txt
  • /Settings/recents.txt
  • /Settings/scriptformat.xml
  • /Settings/templateinfo.xml // I removed the ‘Template Info’ file from the project, but going by the readable part of text in this file it seems to have been maintained in the file system?
  • /Settings/ui.ini

Any help is greatly appreciated!

The Scrivener project format is discussed in Appendix F of the Scrivener manual. Note, however, that the format will be changing with Scrivener 3.0, which is currently in beta testing.

There’ve been a couple of threads in this forum about integration with Git. You might want to review them as well.


Hey Katherine,

Thanks for the response! I tried search the forum for ‘Git’ but it didn’t seem to turn up any results. How does licensing work with version 3? I was going to purchase my license this week for 2.0, but does that mean I will have to purchase again for 3.0?

Scrivener 3.0 will be a paid upgrade – at a substantial discount – for Scrivener 2.x users.

I don’t know when the release date for Scrivener 3.0 will be. If you purchase Scrivener 2.x within a few weeks of the release date, Scrivener 3.0 will be free.


Hi Katherine,

will the discount also be available for users who bought Scrivener 2 via the App Store? I don’t know how this would work.


We’re not quite sure how that would work, either, as the Apple Store doesn’t allow discounts. One option that has been discussed is to offer a lower Apple Store price for all customers for a limited time after the 3.0 release. But I’m not sure anything has been officially decided.