Scrivener and Unity Interface

I’m running Scrivener native (tar file install) on Ubuntu Maverick. I have a 64 bit system and have added the 32 bit aspell libraries and spellcheck works. But, Scrivener doesn’t really integrate with Unity so when I have Scrivener full screen the Unity dock does not hide. It covers part of my Scrivener interface. Has anyone had and solved this problem?

I totally lied here. I’m not using Ubuntu Maverick, it’s Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. The problem I’m having is the same though.

I’m on 32-bit Natty here, and I’m not having any problems. The Launcher auto-hides as expected.

Thank you elmago79. It may be another 64 bit thing. Does your version of Scrivener integrate with the top panel? (ie: Do you have the usual menu items such as File, Edit … on the top Unity panel)

No. It doesn’t integrate at all with the top panel. The menu stays below, even when the program is maximized.

Mine too. Perhaps in time. :slight_smile: