Scrivener and Windows Surface

I’m new to scrivener and I love it. I’ve just bought a windows surface tablet to make scrivener more portable but am having problems putting the program on. Is it possible or I will I just have to keep using word?

Surface running Windows 8 RT looks like but is not compatible with traditional Intel compatible Windows/Windows apps, such as Scrivener for Windows, only with RT compatible apps. It is Microsoft’s attempt at getting into the low cost low power consumption market (iPad, etc.). Personally, I have a problem with both Microsoft and various retailers failing to sufficiently differentiate between 8 RT (not Intel compatible) and 8 Pro (Intel compatible).

Surface Pro running Windows 8 Pro is compatible with traditional Intel compatible Windows/Windows apps. Sometimes referred to as “Wintel”. Scrivener for Windows should install and work on it without issues. Scrivener will run and present as a traditional Windows desktop user interface app, despite 8 Pro’s default tiled interface. If 8 Pro’s tiled Metro/ModernUI interface proves unacceptable or you wish to be able to switch between it and traditional desktop interface, there are a variety of free and inexpensive apps that let you override/choose which you see. I like StarDock’s Start8 and ModernMix (lets Metro/ModernUI apps run inside their own windows within the traditional desktop interface). This ability to go back to the traditional interface also exists or soon will exist in Windows itself.

If you got a Surface rather than a Surface Pro, you’ll need to consider either doing without Scrivener or taking the Surface back in and upgrading/replacing to a Surface Pro (or other Windows 8 Pro (Intel compatible)) system.

Or a Mac (OS X operating system, using Mac version of Scrivener).

An iOS (iPhone/iPad) version of Scrivener is in development, but no firm delivery date. Seems likely will be this year, but L&L quite rightly aren’t saying.

As a happy Surface Pro owner, I can reiterate what was said above. My wife has a Surface RT and cannot load Scrivener; I can on my Surface Pro. If you have a Surface 2, it’s the next version of the Surface RT and cannot load Scrivener. The Surface Pro 2, however, can.

So which model do you have? And which keyboard (any of the Surface-compatible or Bluetooth keyboards should work)?

I really adore using Scriv on my Surface Pro. A little bit of care using OneDrive for storage, and I have a lightweight solution with a great keyboard (Surface Type) that I can do serious writing on.

Thanks for all of that advice. I just bought the basic 64gb surface. Obviously the wrong one. should have been the Pro.