Scrivener and Winword.exe


I’m in the process of going through the tutorial project, but whenever I open Scrivener, it also fires up Winword.exe (Word 2007) which then crashes. I took a trace of the process (using Sysinternals’ Procmon) and can provide you with the trace capture file, if you like.

Is there a fix or a reason for this? It happens every time I start up Scrivener.

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Actually, if you could send the file (probably zip it first, to make sure it goes through) to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com, that would be helpful. This sounds like it’s related to an issue we’re investigating, so extra details might shed some new light on this. Are you actually seeing Word start up and then crash, or are you just noticing this in Task Manager?

There is a part of Scrivener’s start up currently where Word gets called in the background as part of a check for the libraries there–if you have Word 2007 or higher, .docx export is possible, and different import tools will be used for .doc and .docx which will just call Word’s own libraries for this–but you shouldn’t actually see it start running; it’d be a very brief flash in Task Manager, if things were working properly, as it should get closed again almost immediately, and it shouldn’t affect any open instance of Word. However, as I said, there does seem to be some bug lurking whereby winword.exe isn’t always closed as it should be, which causes a “” error for some users–not a crash, but just a lock on Word’s default template file. I haven’t seen any other reports on the program itself actually coming up and then crashing, but I’m guessing this is all related.

Could you also let me know what flavor of Windows you’re running and what version of Scrivener (Help > About Scrivener)?

Sure, I’ll send that on, by the way I’m on Vista with 1.0.3.

I ran the process monitor from Sysinternals which showed the call from Scrivener to the Word executable. Word then, for unknown reasons, visibly crashes soon afterwards.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Just to add ammunition, I’ve seen an invisible Scrivener Winword crash also. Once.

It announced itself with a usual Windows 7 consumer crash announcement – ‘looking for solutions’.

I closed that gem, and fired up the Task Manager - 3 other WinWords running. I haven’t used Word since last testing for you guys. I have used Scrivener at least once a day, and shoot down the WinWords it often but not always leaves around when I think about it.

Why should done of these, out of the blue as it was, suddenly crash? I might guess the multiple instances are once in a while colliding with each other about something. Possibly, but that is not eactly sure. I don’t think it’s possible to have multiple WinWords in any normal way, so quite possibly it doesn’t get along with itself.

This is Word 2003 here, by the way, not a later version though Win7 is right up-to-date. So is Word, and anything else softwarewise, with its updates.


I think I’m experiencing something similar on my Windows 7 laptop. When I start up Scrivener, two other little boxes pop up, both regarding Microsoft Word 2010.

One says “You cannot close Microsoft Word because a dialog box is open. Click Ok, switch to Word, and then close the dialog box.”

The other one that pops up right behind it says, “Word cannot save this file because it is already open elsewhere (C:\Users…\EndNote\EndNote Cwyw.dotm)”

Word is never launched, and when I click OK on both of the boxes, another box pops up from EndNote X2 that says “Word cannot write to file.” Clicking OK on that box ends the whole thing. Nothing but Scrivener is actually launched, though.

This happens every time I open Scrivener.

Similar minor annoyance here. Every time I close out of Scrivener MS opens a warning window saying Word.exe failed to open. I don’t bother opening Word anymore, so there is a good chance this is Scrivener related. Using the latest update of Scrivener on Vista SP2, with all the latest updates. Office 2007 with all updates.
It hasn’t been an issue. I just close the window and move on.
Just mentioned it in case it helps solve anything.

I am having the same issue. If I have Word (2007) open and I close Scrivener (1.03) it gives me an error with the template and I have to save a copy. I am in the process of deciding whether or not to purchase scrivener and while I like it, this is a significant annoyance. I am on a laptop using Vista 64bit (unfortunately).

I have the same problem when I start scrivener

with word 2003 and windows xp SP3

I also have the error box from time to time.

Win7 Ultimate x64 (ver. 6.1.7601, Service Pack 1 Build 7601), Word 2007 (12.0.6545.5000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6562.5003).

I am running the trial 1.0.3 (like it very much so far) on my LG laptop with Vista 32.
WinWord is not running. Every time I start up Scrivener I face a dialog (not an error dialog) from Word, asking me whether I want to save the changes into or not (German OS, I am translating ad lib).

No matter whether I click Yes or No, the next time I start up Scrivener Word will inevitably ask me the same question. No big deal, I just click “No” each and every time, but still, it gets annoying after a few days, like a small grit in your shoe, not really a problem, but aggravating in the long run.

EDIT: I encountered a similar problem (upon closing Word 2007) until I deactivated the German DUDEN spellchecker software, which apparently had some macros tied into the Word standard template.