Scrivener and Wordpress

Hi all,

Forgive me if this has been asked before. I did a quick search and didn’t quite find what I was looking for.

I would like to use scrivener to organize my blog writings (I’m a web content writer by profession [very, very recent profession]). I was looking at various blogging platforms (e.g. marsedit, blogo, and typemetal), and remembered that a long time ago I bought scrivener and never used this wonderful platform.

So, here’s the question:

I know I can writer and organize via scrivener, but is it possible to also post/upload to the various blogs I write for directly from scrivener (as blogo and marsedit do)?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Scrivener doesn’t have any kind of blog management features, no. Given that it is fundamentally designed around the concept of a project producing one work at a time (even if there are multiple works in the project), it would be a bit antithetical to its approach to manage dozens or hundreds of articles concurrently.

That all said, I think it’s still a great platform for organising your content, and whatever research and peripheral stuff that comes along with it. It’s not difficult to produce an HTML document as needed. At the simplest, you can just select your text and use Edit/Copy Special/Copy as HTML (Basic, using

and ) to produce a copy that you can paste into WordPress’ code view, as the other options will insert a lot of formatting that your WordPress theme should otherwise be handling.

Thanks for the response. I was hoping for just a simple upload (I know, nothing is ever that simple).

What I really want to do is work (or have the option to) offline and then post to the blogs later when I connect. So simply designate what page, categories, and tags the post should have and then upload to said page.

I wonder if there is a script that can be written for this.

Forgive me, I didn’t look too close at your signature…is this the official word from scrivener?

will there ever be a simple wordpress plugin support for what i’m looking for? As of right now, it’s a two step process for me. Organize and write in scrivener, then (as you have suggested) copy and paste into wordpress or blogo/marsedit, etc.

I hope for a one stop/shop all option in scrivener.

Exactly, that’s where it gets messy, because like I say Scrivener is more geared toward producing one thing at a time with the compiler. Hypothetically, you’d have to be switching a number of settings around, tags and all that, in the compiler each time you uploaded, and then once you switched to the next article, the prior settings would be lost. This isn’t really a problem if you are switching from book one to book two in your trilogy—that doesn’t happen very often, but for a blog this would presumably be something you’d be doing quite a bit.

So, it wouldn’t really be a good idea for us to jam a blog upload module into the compiler, as I don’t think anyone would really find it to be a compelling way of working. All of the time you spend tinkering with compile settings—you could have had it copied and pasted into the WP page ten minutes prior. Thus, we’d have to make a whole blog management interface system that worked off of a different premise than the core design of the software… right, what you were saying about things never being simple. :slight_smile:

Yes, speaking “officially”, there are no plans for this.

If you wanted some “build-your-own” option (I’m thinking off the top of my head here, so interpret everything that follows accordingly) you could set up your meta-data so Status included Draft (for works in progress), Upload (for pieces ready to upload), and Published (for pieces already uploaded). If you are writing for multiple blogs, you could create new meta-data fields, or perhaps use Labels to indicate which blog they were written for. And if you really wanted to be fancy, you could use keywords as “tags”.

You could then have a Collection (a saved search) for all documents with the Status “Upload” and copy and paste from there.

OR, if you are into scripting, you could compile your filter documents (filtered by the Upload status) to a specific folder. You’d still need to work a of automating the upload to Wordpress (via email? using IFTTT? using Wappwolf? using Dropbox & Editorial on iPad?) but I’m sure there’s a way.

For me, I’d probably copy & paste, but I’ll only be updating one blog…